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If you liked NOISES OFF, you’ll love Mischief Theatre’s production THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG, about an amateur (hapless, really) community theatre production of some kind of Agatha Christie murder whodunit. Not only does it out-farce NOISES OFF, it brings physical comedy to a level I’ve never seen before, such that shortly into Act 2, I was fearing for the safety of the actors. By the end, I was wondering how any of the cast of eight hadn’t been injured. The slapstick accidents are so outrageous, it’s easy to embrace the clunky corn book – it’s all perfectly silly - and go along for the hilarious ride. The performance was sold-out, populated by what New York theatre snobs would call a bridge-and-tunnel crowd. Kids gobbling bags of chocolate gooies and grannies sipping whiskey from plastic tumblers enjoyed themselves alike. THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG is in its third year here, so it’s been through several casts: three of the players this afternoon were understudies. THE PLAY with its original cast is opening on Broadway soon. An ideal matinee for a rain-soaked London Sunday afternoon.

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